Month: June 2020

Bug Theme Final Week: Flies!

Author: Nathan Walasek June 28, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
Flies may not be your favorite insect, but there is so much to learn about them. These pesky creatures are all around us, but what do you know about this diverse bug species? Check out these great projects and resources […]

Busy as a Bee – 3 New Resources!

Author: Nathan Walasek June 21, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
The Bumble Bee, A Poem “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz,” said the Bumble Bee. Here it comes, he’s after me. Oh no he’s not, for I can see, He’s on his way to the apple tree. -Unknown This week, delight in the […]

1, 2, 3 Ladybug Activities

Author: Nathan Walasek June 14, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
The June theme of bugs and insects continues! Did you get all the details on butterflies? Have you made the fruit and vegetable bug snacks recipe? Here are 3 new activities for the week – all about ladybugs! Ladybug Finger […]

Oh me, oh my – Butterflies! + Bonus Maker Activity

Author: Nathan Walasek June 7, 2020 In Blog Comments (2)
Learning Symmetry with LEGOs and Butterflies Nature produces lots of fun examples of symmetry, here’s a project that engages children to create symmetry using their hands and minds, inspired by nature. Chromatography Butterfly Craft Explore chromatography (separating mixtures) using coffee […]