The Bumble Bee, A Poem

“Buzz, Buzz, Buzz,” said the Bumble Bee.
Here it comes, he’s after me.
Oh no he’s not, for I can see,
He’s on his way to the apple tree.


This week, delight in the science and fun of bees. 3 bee resources below!

Pollen Transfer

This activity works well with both toddlers and preschoolers and is perfect for giving those fine motor skills a little extra practice.

Ask a Beekeeper

Beekeepers from around the world answer questions from curious elementary school students through quick, home-made videos! Which flowers do bees like best? Find out!

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

These activities will help you to learn more about bumblebees and have lots of fun at the same time – includes resources for multiple age ranges!

In case you missed it, Read to Ride

The Read to Ride program is an annual summer event for children ages 6-14 throughout the Western Upper Peninsula five county area. Click to learn more on how to be entered to win a mountain bike!

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