Learning Symmetry with LEGOs and Butterflies

Nature produces lots of fun examples of symmetry, here’s a project that engages children to create symmetry using their hands and minds, inspired by nature.

Chromatography Butterfly Craft

Explore chromatography (separating mixtures) using coffee filters and markers. Then use the results from this experiment to create a colorful butterfly craft for kids.

How to Find Butterfly Eggs

Understand the life cycle of a butterfly and learn where to look to find butterfly eggs!

Bonus activity! LOCAL – Maker Challenge Read-aloud Videos and Prizes

Here’s a fun way to learn engineering design skills, express creativity and expand literacy. Select one of the books in the link, view the read-aloud video recording, consider the focus questions and complete the maker challenge listed in the video. Keweenaw area raffle takes place late-June!

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