Join us in September for the monthly theme of Recycle and Reuse. We’ll be sharing projects, activities, lessons and educational resources all month long on the topic. Get started right here, right now!

Reading Rainbow Recycling Video

Refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle: LeVar Burton takes us into the incredible life cycle of our reusable trash in How Trash Is Recycled. Bonus: massive sorting machines!

Recycle City Games and Activities

Kids will have fun exploring Recycle City and playing games in which they’ll make decisions about reducing waste and energy use!

Theme of the Month Recipe: Wild Salad

When you forage your food, you’re finding what is locally available to you, from nature. Check out this month’s “wild salad” recipe, learn about safe foraging, and enjoy a meal from nature!

Last month’s theme was farming and gardening, did you miss any of the weeks? Check out our past blog posts for more great project ideas and resources.

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