This week on the theme of nutrition we have resources for all ages: eating rainbows (yes, you really can!), healthy snack ideas the kids can do themselves, and a resource that will spark the culinary imagination of young adults who love to prepare food.

Oh hey, did you make last week’s recipe of the month – Pumpkin and Apple Muffins? It was delicious!

Today I Ate a Rainbow

Get kids excited about eating a rainbow with Today I Ate A Rainbow’s games and advice.

Kidspot Kitchen: Healthy Snacks

Being part of the process can make children that much more interested in trying something new – here are some ideas to get started with, like Coconut & Date Balls!

Powerful Produce Pairings

Have you ever wondered why some foods taste so good when paired with others? The secret lies in the science of food pairings. Learn more at this resource; get great recipes too!

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