New month, new theme! October brings us four weeks on the theme of….NUTRITION! Eating well isn’t boring and with games, activities, and a muffin recipe kids can make, this week’s resources make it fun to learn about nutrition too!

My Plate Kids’ Place

Games, activity sheets, videos and songs, and move challenges will get kids excited about learning about a balanced meal and healthy lifestyle.

Action for Healthy Kids

This page is loaded with tips and additional resources for adults to help kids learn about nutrition and answer their probing questions like: “Why do I have to eat broccoli?”.

Recipe of the Month: Pumpkin Apple Muffins

Enjoy a delicious blend of fall flavors in these healthy fruit and veggie filled muffins! Make them as a family, or little kids can help an adult.

Last month was all about recycling – start here in case you missed it.

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