If you’ve been to Kaleidoscope: L’Anse, you’ve likely met Erin L. Maybe you’ve spoke with Erin over the phone or online for count month. But what do you know about Erin?

Families and kids – here’s your chance to learn more!

Erin, what community do you live in?
I live in rural Baraga County near Pelkie.

What do you teach at Kaleidoscope?
I have taught Piano, Sewing, and Horsemanship in the past. This year I’m the virtual Horsemanship instructor and my main job is being the Kaleidoscope: L’Anse coordinator.

What was your favorite topic to learn about when you were young?

What is your favorite topic to learn about now?

What project are you working on now that you are proud of?
Making the new L’Anse center a home away from home for our families.

Do you have a favorite color? Which one?
Yes, all of them. Red if I have to choose.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching?
Being able to share subjects I am passionate about with students who are interested in learning about them.

If you could go any one place in the world, where would you go and what would you do?
I would like to go to a luxury dude ranch spa somewhere very remote where I could ride on beautiful trails by day, eat great meals prepared by someone else, not have to clean anything, and get massages and sit in hot tubs at night.

Everyone has one, what’s your hidden talent (something you’re great at that student may not know about)?
Playing the violin. It’s a secret because I have stage fright.

What’s your favorite food?
Pizza. I am from Chicago.

Thank you Erin, for sharing about yourself and for being part of the Kaleidoscope team!