Month: December 2020

LEGO Art Inspiration

Author: Kaleidoscope Education December 27, 2020 In Blog Comments (1)
Unleash your creative side with these unconventional but fun ways to create art with LEGO! LEGO Pictures in Playdough Try this printmaking activity using LEGOs as stamps! You can create anything from patterns to abstract designs to pictures. Which LEGO […]

LEGO Building Challenge Week

Author: Kaleidoscope Education December 20, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
Can you build a rainbow, boats, and famous landmarks using LEGO? Challenge Accepted! LEGO Rainbow Challenge All you need is a set of basic LEGO blocks in as many bright colors as you can find and a base plate! Try […]

LEGO for Homeschool

Author: Kaleidoscope Education December 13, 2020 In Blog Comments (1)
Playing and building with LEGO bricks is a fun activity for all ages. It can be educational too! This week’s activities include hands-on projects for kids to strengthen their skills and knowledge, while having fun with LEGO! 6 Bricks Booklet […]

Get Busy Building, our December Theme is Here!

Author: Kaleidoscope Education December 6, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
December is here and that means we’re moving on to a new theme. As the days get colder, snowier, and have less daylight, it’s great to have a line-up of indoor activities to bust boredom. This month’s theme will help […]

Meet the Instructor – Amanda Knapp

Author: Nathan Walasek December 2, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
If you’ve taken a class with Amanda, maybe you’ll know some of her responses to this Q&A. But do you know her hidden talent? Read this fun Q&A with Amanda Knapp, L’Anse instructor! What community you live in? L’Anse What […]