Our new theme of the month is SNOW. Let’s make snow our friend, not our enemy! This week, our activities focus on the SNOWFLAKE.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

This sweet and simple craft is a winner for the whole family–easy enough for preschoolers, but pretty enough to keep older kids (and parents) coloring and snipping to their hearts’ content.

Magnified Snowflakes

Marvel in the beautiful, intricate designs of snowflakes. Check out the short video clip about “The Snowflake Man,” and take a magnifying glass outside to see for yourself the unique beauty of snowflakes!

Snowflake Tortillas

Enjoy this snowflake-themed sweet treat! Perhaps with some hot chocolate, or coffee for the grownups? Yum!

If you are truly stuck indoors with January weather, be sure to check out our LEGO activities!