This week we will delve into some fun science lessons and experiments with a plentiful natural resource (though maybe not as plentiful as usual!): SNOW.

Melting Snowman Experiment

There’s nothing better than using the changing seasons to set up a fun science experiment! This one even has an adorable snowman craft element.

Sticky Ice Science Experiment

Quick, easy and a little magical – this kid’s science experiment with ice is simply too cool not to do. The classic activity challenges little magicians scientists to lift an ice cube using only a string and salt. With serious wow factor, this science experiment is a simple, fun way to learn about salts’ effects on the freezing point of water.

Physics Facts About Snowflakes

Take a look at the fascinating physics behind snowflakes and how they interact with each other. This blog post is full of beautiful images and thought-provoking facts worth reposting!

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