Dogsledding is not just for the grownups! This week’s resources are all about kids and dogsledding.

Image Credit: Seavey’s IdidaRide

Dogsledding with Kids Resource for Parents

Want to plan a field trip to a sled dog kennel? Here are some pointers to get the most out of your adventure.

2021 Iditarod Junior Racers

Meet the Junior Iditarod mushers! This 140 mile race takes place the last weekend of February, and it’s just for kids.

Alaskan Youth Musher Video

Mushing in rural Alaska isn’t just an opportunity to form a life-long bond between musher and sled dogs; it’s a chance for Alaska Native youth to stay in touch with part of their heritage and history. Check out this beautiful video to learn more.

If you liked the Junior Iditarod info, make sure you check out our last week’s resources about the Iditarod.

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