Create something special from various textures and colors of fabric with these textile-based crafts.

Homemade Paper Dolls

Make a set of Homemade Paper Dolls out of a cereal box, fabric scraps, buttons and ribbons. They’re fun for preschoolers to decorate and play with and a great way to use up the scraps of material in your craft cupboard. 

Scrap Busting Crafts

Arts and crafts can be a fun activity to do together, but sometimes it can seem like a lot of extra materials go to waste. It doesn’t have to be this way, though – hang on to your leftovers and transform them into something fun. Give these fun fabric scrap crafts for kids a try and see how creative you can be!

Upcycled Denim

There’s something comforting about slipping on a good pair of denim jeans. We wear them until they are worn out and sometimes buy them to look already worn in. The obsession we have with blue jeans means we may accumulate a pile of sturdy jean fabric to make these denim upcycling ideas.

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