Month: June 2021

Summer Adventure #4: Hanka Homestead Finnish Museum

Author: Erin Lempkowski June 28, 2021 In Blog Comments (1)
A rustic log cabin porch with a bench and door.
What was life like on a local homestead 100 years ago? Visit the Hanka Homestead Finnish Museum and find out. Located at the end of a secluded, forested road in Askel, you won’t find it hard to imagine you are […]

How We Homeschool: The Knapp Family

Author: Erin Lempkowski June 24, 2021 In Blog Comments (1)
Whenever people ask me why I homeschool my kids, I always say, "Because I like them!"
There are so many different ways homeschooling can work for individual families. Kaleidoscope strives to support each family in their homeschooling journey, and we understand there is not just one right way to achieve a well-rounded home education. In this […]

Summer Adventure #3: L’Anse Waterfront Park

Author: Erin Lempkowski June 20, 2021 In Blog Comments (2)
A sign welcomes visitors to the L'Anse Waterfront Park.
Nestled at the base of the Keweenaw is L’Anse, home to the L’Anse Waterfront Park. The park boasts a playground, a splash pad, boat access, a beautiful swimming beach, a free summer concert series on Thursday nights, and a farmer’s […]

Summer Adventure #2: Fort Wilkins

Author: Erin Lempkowski June 13, 2021 In Blog Comments (1)
An aerial view of Fort Wilkins in the summer.
Our next stop on our summer adventure list is not only an attraction, not only a hike, and not only an event–it can be all three!  Fort Wilkins, located on the northern shore of the Keweenaw, has a restored 1844 […]

Summer Adventures in the Keweenaw

Author: Erin Lempkowski June 7, 2021 In Blog Comments (3)
O Kun de Kun Falls as viewed from the south bank.
This summer, we are taking a break from the monthly theme and activity resources. Instead, each week we will highlight a free or low-cost local attraction, hike, or event recommended by Kaleidoscope staff members. Whether you are new to the […]