This summer, we are taking a break from the monthly theme and activity resources. Instead, each week we will highlight a free or low-cost local attraction, hike, or event recommended by Kaleidoscope staff members. Whether you are new to the area or just need some fresh ideas on what is available right here in the Keweenaw and surrounding areas, we hope to inspire you to get out and explore.

For our first hike, we are going to tell you about a lesser-visited waterfall–O Kun de Kun Falls, near Bruce Crossing.  The hike is 1.3 miles to the falls from the trailhead on Hwy 45. If you want a remote location and breathtaking scenery, some exercise but not too strenuous of a hike, this might be the trip for you. The trail is very well maintained with no steep inclines, and there are lots of areas for climbing and exploring near the falls. Just make sure you keep following the trail until you see a suspension bridge–don’t let the upper smaller falls fool you into thinking you are at the main attraction! The falls are still pretty impressive this early in the summer–here are some photos from Erin L’s recent visit. Make sure to visit  the Waterfalls of the Keweenaw website for directions and more details about the trail.

A child heads into the woods on a wooden boardwalk.

Numerous boardwalks make for easier hiking.













A child sits on a rock outcropping near the top of the waterfall, watching the river.

A little person rests after the hike in to the falls.


A child stands on a rock ledge, observing the waterfall.

Opportunities for climbing and exploring abound.










Please note, there are no restrooms or trash cans at the trailhead or along the trail, so be prepared to carry out any trash and practice leave no trace principles. If no restrooms is a deal-breaker for you, don’t worry–we promise next week’s featured location will be a bit more civilized.

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