Year: 2021


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Oh the weather outside is still frightful, so why not get cozy and indulge in some delightful storytelling activities this month? Fairy Tales at Storyberries Listen along with your little ones to these classic fairy tales. Here’s a link to […]

CopperDog 150

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This week, our dog sled theme continues with the Keweenaw’s own race, the CopperDog 150! Copper Dog Learning Page What happens when you bring a team of sled dogs into an elementary school? Visit this link and find out! Laura […]

Meet the Instructor: Erin Gregorcich!

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While Erin is currently Kaleidoscope’s Interim Director, she is also the instructor for almost all of our online classes. Which ones do you think might be her favorite types of classes? Read on and take a guess! Community you live […]

Dogsledding with Kids

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Dogsledding is not just for the grownups! This week’s resources are all about kids and dogsledding. Image Credit: Seavey’s IdidaRide Dogsledding with Kids Resource for Parents Want to plan a field trip to a sled dog kennel? Here are some […]


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The Last Great Race is approximately 1,100 miles long and runs from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. Check out these resources to learn more! What is the Iditarod? Here are the key facts about the Iditarod, wrapped up in a brief, […]

Up north, winter is time for dog sled racing!

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Inuit and Dog Sled Coloring Pages Enjoy these coloring pages to help children learn about Inuit people and their sled dogs! Sled Dog Paper Model Craft The Inuit (the indigenous people of the Arctic) use dogs to help with their […]

Snow Art

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Join us for some seasonal, snow-themed art projects. Snow Painting Easy enough for your youngest artist, but fun enough for all ages, follow these simple steps to create art on winter’s free canvas–your snowy yard. Clay Polar Bear Try this […]

Snow Science

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This week we will delve into some fun science lessons and experiments with a plentiful natural resource (though maybe not as plentiful as usual!): SNOW. Melting Snowman Experiment There’s nothing better than using the changing seasons to set up a […]

Animals in the Snow

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This week we look to the animal kingdom to expand our snowy learning adventure. Photo by Gordon Fox Arctic Animal Videos Here is your teacher-approved list of Arctic Animal Videos for the youngsters in your life. (No blood and guts […]

Meet the Instructor – Master Dan!

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Some of our most popular classes at Kaleidoscope: L’Anse are Master Dan’s Martial Arts classes! Here’s your chance to get to know him outside of class. Do you know any of these fun facts about Master Dan? Dan, where do […]