2022/2023 New Family Registration FAQ

When is registration?

Registration for new students begins May 16th, 2022.

What do I need to know before registering my student?

Visit Kaleidoscope’s Enrollment Page to understand in which way your student will be able to register with Kaleidoscope.

How do I register my new student with Kaleidoscope through the CLK School District?

  • Enroll your student with the CLK school district. You can begin that process by filling out this form.
  • Review the information on our Enrollment page.
  • Learn how Kaleidoscope Virtual Electives work by reviewing our Electives page.
  • Choose an Optional Learning Experience (OLE) class to go with each Virtual Elective. You can find OLEs on our Electives page. You can also review the schedules for our L’Anse and Houghton OLEs on our Classes page.
  • Once you have chosen your Virtual Electives and related Optional Learning Experiences, you can register with Kaleidoscope here. Registration for new students will be processed beginning May 16th, 2022.

How do I know if my student has been moved off of the CLK Virtual Programs waiting list?

Once your student has been moved off of the waiting list you will receive an email or phone call from CLK Virtual Programs staff letting you know how to enroll with CLK and how many electives your student has been allocated.

How do I register my new student with Kaleidoscope as a Pay per Class student?

All Kaleidoscope students register for electives and classes using this form. More information about Pay per Class can be found here.

Is Kaleidoscope staff available to help me with registration?

Yes. Staff members are available throughout registration via phone, email, and Zoom. If you’re not sure which electives are right for your student, a staff member can go through your options with you. We also offer virtual tutorials to help you navigate our website and registration form.  Fill out our contact form or send us an email if you would like a staff member to contact you about registration.

Will I have to pay anything?

Kaleidoscope charges a $10 non-refundable registration fee for each elective for CLK students. We realize that this is not a financial option for all families, so we do offer fee waivers to families that request them. New for 2022-23: Invoices for registration fees will not be issued until October. Information about fee waivers will be sent out along with the invoices.

Classes and virtual electives for self-pay students follow the payment table on our Pay per Class Page.

How many electives will my student be allocated by CLK?

If your student is registered through the CLK School District they will be allocated between 2 and 5 electives. These can both be used with Kaleidoscope or can be split between organizations. You should receive notification from CLK as to the number of electives your student has been allocated.

Can my student take more than one of the same Virtual Elective?

No; students can not take two of the same elective. If your student is interested in two classes that fall under the same elective, visit our Classes page to learn more about which electives are associated with each class.

Is each Optional Learning Experience only available under one Virtual Elective?

No. All Optional Learning Experiences are available under at least two (sometimes more) Virtual Electives to allow for more options and flexibility in scheduling electives and classes. For example, if a student wants to sign up for the Fiber Arts I Optional Learning Experience class, they could sign up for either the Life Skills or World Cultures electives. Students can choose whichever virtual content most interests them.

Visit our Electives Page to explore our Virtual Electives and Optional Learning Experiences.


Visit our Classes Page to explore our L’Anse and Hancock Optional Learning Experience class schedules.