Month: January 2022

February Celebrations

Author: Erin Lempkowski January 30, 2022 In Blog Comments (0)
February is a month of celebrations! Join us as we explore Chinese New Year this week. This year, Chinese New Year begins on February 1st, and the holiday lasts 15 days. Chinese New Year is based on the Lunar calendar, […]

Australian Crafts

Author: Erin Lempkowski January 23, 2022 In Blog Comments (0)
It’s time to tie up our Australian learning with crafting time. Be sure to talk about what you learned about koalas last week as you make these adorable Koala masks. The ring-tailed possum thrives not just out in the Australian […]

Australian Animals

Author: Erin Lempkowski January 16, 2022 In Blog Comments (1)
Australia is home to some of the world’s most unique creatures in the animal kingdom. Check out this video for a peek at some of Australia’s most fascinating creatures. Try this for a picture guide to 15 notable Australian animals. […]

Meet the Instructor: Alison

Author: Erin Lempkowski January 13, 2022 In Blog Comments (0)
Instructor Name: Alison Pontynen Community you live in: On the move between Rice Lake and Eagle Harbor What do you teach at Kaleidoscope? I teach Explore Isle Royale. List any Family/Pets: I have 3 adventurous adult children spread around the world, […]

Exploring Australia

Author: Erin Lempkowski January 9, 2022 In Blog Comments (0)
Let’s kick off the new year on the blog with a jaunt to the Land Down Under. This month, let’s explore Australia’s rich history, beautiful landscape, and diverse culture together. Visit the Explore Australia website for a good introduction to the […]