Let’s continue our peek at the fun things our students have been learning in our Virtual Electives as we head towards the end of the 2021/2022 school year. Each week on the blog this month, we are highlighting three different electives and sharing a lesson snippet.

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This week, we’ll take a look at Life Skills A, Music B, and Nature C.

This Life Skills A lesson taught students about the essentials that should be in a first aid kit.

Do you know where your family’s first aid kit is? You should always tell an adult if you are injured, but if you are able to get the first aid kit for them (especially if it’s someone else that is hurt), you can be a big help! Please discuss with your parent or guardian what they are comfortable having you take care of by yourself.

Do you have a family first aid kit? If not, check out this link to help you put one together!

In Music B, students of varying musical abilities dabbled with composing using these colorful, interactive online tools.

Use the melody maker resource to explore creating your own short melodies. While this digital tool does not use musical notation, it does use colors and height to represent each note in the musical scale.

Try the melody maker yourself and see!

In Nature C, students learned to identify animal tracks and sign.

Today you’re going to make observations while on the move. You may need to plan ahead for this assignment so that you can be outdoors in a natural area or on a nature trail.
Review the attached resource about animal tracks. Try to find photos of animal tracks that you might see in the Keweenaw, such as deer, rabbits, or squirrels.

Visit NatureTracking.com to give it a try.

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