Not sure what electives your Kaleidoscope student should take next fall? Thinking about signing up with Kaleidoscope for the first time? Make sure to stay tuned for this blog series to see what we have to offer for our Virtual Electives! Kaleidoscope’s Virtual Electives are a great way for any student, anywhere to take an online class in the arts, nature and technology, culture, or athletics. For students enrolled through CLK Schools, each Virtual Elective comes with the bonus of an Optional Learning Experience class. Click here to learn more!

Each week on the blog this month, we are highlighting three different electives and sharing a lesson snippet. This week, we’ll take a look at Performing Arts A, Skiing B, and Sports Sampler C.


This Performing Arts A lesson covered traditional costumes.

All of the dancers are wearing costumes that are made to look like traditional clothes from their culture.
How did the costumes look the same or different from clothes that you wear? Which was your favorite costume and why?

Click the photo of the dancers to visit PBS website and watch the video!


In Skiing B, students learned about skiing in the Olympics and made a unique mixed media collage.

Skiing is a big event in the Winter Olympics. The 2022 Winter Olympics will take place in Beijing, China.
I learned that downhill Olympic skiers can go over 100 miles per hour! Wow, that is faster than I have ever driven my car!

Try your hand at making your own skiing collage!


In Sports Sampler C, students not only learned about Olympic sports such as gymnastics, but studied the character qualities and principles used by serious athletes in a variety of sports.

Watch the video of Suni Lee. Please note that these are highly skilled and trained gymnasts and no one should attempt their moves at home.
What strengths and values do you think the Olympic gymnasts used to become so skilled?
Do you think they use similar values as the tenets of taekwondo?

Watch this video of Olympic gold medalist Suni Lee and be inspired!

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