Wooohoo! Now that we’ve finished up our first official week of Kaleidoscope classes (both in-person classes and virtual electives), let’s take a breather and congratulate the winners of our 2022 Battle of the Books competition! Before we do, let’s take a moment to say that ALL our participants were winners. Staff and parents were impressed not only by how well-prepared the teams were, but also at the good sportsmanship they showed. It truly seemed like everyone had a great day out at the L’Anse township park, enjoying the beautiful summer day and friendly competition. All students received a 2022 Battle of the Books tshirt and got to choose from a variety of door prizes. First place prizes for each grade level were $50 Walmart gift cards, and second place prizes were $25 Walmart gift cards. Here are our first place teams, listed by grade level.

2nd-3rd Grade
Team Name: Eagles
Students: Dusk Bolo, Caleb Callejas, Gwendolyn Amidon, Genevieve Cadeau

2nd-3rd Grade Winners.JPG

3rd-5th Grade
Team Name: Les Grandes Images
Students: Elix Grenier Sewell, Nigel Amidon, Simon Gross, Derek Dix, Elliot Schwass
3rd-5th Grade Winners.JPG
6th-8th Grade
Team Name: Daisies
Students: Emmalyn Stimmel, Kiera Dix, Josephine Mervar, Ivy Huttema

6th-8th Grade Winners.JPG

High School
Team Name: The Superiors
Students: Rion Maki, Nathan Knapp, Deborah Knapp, Alyvia Nerwuca
High School Winners.JPG
That’s a wrap! See you all next summer for Battle of the Books 2023!
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