Meet the Staff: Tiffany

Instructor/Staff Name: Tiffany

Community where you live: Aura

What do you teach at Kaleidoscope/What is your job at Kaleidoscope? I am the virtual instructor for Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Art Sampler.

Who’s in your family? Do you have any pets? My husband Wally, my son Wyatt, our two cats Oreo and Sheba, and our five chickens.

What was your favorite topic to learn about when you were young? My favorite subject was always art. It was like the world disappeared from around me when I was creating something with my own hands.

What is your favorite topic to learn about now? When I was younger I didn’t like learning about history but now it is one of the most fascinating things to me. I love learning about how people lived hundreds of years ago. Things were so different then and so much more difficult but it seems like it was a very rewarding life.

What project are you working on now that you are proud of? I love all four seasons and usually paint something for each one. Right now I am working on some winter paintings that I really love.

Do you have a favorite color? Which one? I love earthy colors. My favorite color is forest green.

What’s your favorite thing about teaching? It’s fun getting to know everyone and what their interests are. Also getting to see all of the wonderful art everyone has created.

If you could go to any place in the world, where would you go and what would you do? I’ve been wanting to visit Thailand for a while now. I would love to visit the beaches, eat Thai food, and soak up their amazing culture.

Everyone has one, what’s your hidden talent (something you’re great at that students may not know about)? I’m very creative, so I excel with artistic things like sculpture and painting.

What’s your favorite food? Definitely pasty. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday.

Thanks for sharing about yourself, Tiffany, and for being a part of the Kaleidoscope team!
Written by Erin Lempkowski, 18 December 2022
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