Let’s take a look at new classes coming to Kaleidoscope Hancock for the 2023/2024 school year.

Digital Storytelling

Learn to bring your story to life! Use multimedia tools to create digital narratives. Plan, execute, revise, and share various forms (photography, podcast, e-book) and types (personal, historical, conceptual) of digital media.

Explore Athletics

Learn, play, and explore a variety of physical education activities in this class that touches on the basics of martial arts, dance, playground games, and more.

Little Learners

Join on Monday to sing songs, hear a story, and do craft, movement, and imagination play activities related to the story. Come back on Thursday to do similar activities in Spanish! Geared towards ages 4-6 but open to other ages.

The Music of Hamilton

How has the rise of hip hop music influenced American culture and how has American culture influenced the music scene? Explore the musical Hamilton through the lens of music history.
These are just the new classes–for the full Hancock lineup, check out this page!
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