What a whirlwind we’ve had this summer and fall at Kaleidoscope! For the next several weeks on the blog, we are going to capture these memories for posterity. First up is our third annual Battle of the Books.

The Ramen Readers, a 6th-8th grade team, get ready to answer a question.

Teams Glizzymon and Miss Superiors consult their teammates.

Students grades 3-12 from L’Anse, Hancock, and surrounding areas gathered at the L’Anse Township Park to face off and be quizzed on their assigned books. Each team was responsible for their grade level’s list of 12 books and could divide it among their 3-4 team members however they wished. This program was available to students for free and was sponsored in part by a grant from the Keweenaw Area Community Foundation as well as donations from local businesses and organizations. Donors are listed below!

  • The Baraga County Chamber of Commerce
  • Baraga County Memorial Hospital
  • Erickson True Value & Lumber
  • L’Anse Family Dental
  • Baraga County Federal Credit Union
  • Inland Seas Trading Company
  • L’Anse Furniture Mart

Contestants could choose to keep their books after the competition, and everyone went home with at least one prize. With 56 participants (that’s three grade level divisions and 15 teams total!), it was a full day. Kaleidoscope provided arts and crafts activities, lawn games, and concessions to keep participants and their families busy and having fun between rounds.

A bubble machine made lawn games a blast.

River rock painting was a popular activity at the art table.

Competition Results: See below for photos of our winning teams. First place teams won $50 per student and second place won $25 per student. We had so many 3rd-5th graders compete this year that we added a third place price of $10 per student!

9th-12th Grade 1st Place: Team Brainstorm

9th-12th Grade 2nd Place: The Superiors

6th-8th Grade 1st Place: Miss Superiors

6th-8th Grade 2nd Place: The Page Turners

3rd-5th Grade 1st Place: The Word Nerds

3rd-5th Grade 2nd Place: Tale Waggers

3rd-5th Grade 3rd Place: Book Bandits


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