About Kaleidoscope

Who Are We?

Kaleidoscope was founded on the belief that all families should have a say in their children’s educational pursuits. We provide educational resources to our community and collaborate with homeschooling and traditional schooling families to connect them to educational opportunities that match their needs.

Our Mission

Kaleidoscope provides holistic support and engaging learning experiences to families through classes and community events.

Our Core Values

  • We are inclusive
  • We are non-discriminatory
  • We operate in a collegial spirit
  • We embrace mutual respect
  • We strive to embrace many educational philosophies


Kaleidoscope serves families residing in Houghton, MI and the surrounding Keweenaw area. Our facilities are located at 830 N Main St, L’Anse MI 49946, and 417 Quincy St, Hancock MI, 49930.


Board of Directors

​The Board of Directors meet on the second Thursday of every month, and every fourth Thursday, as needed. If you are interested in attending a Board of Directors meeting, contact us to receive information about upcoming date, time, and place (a link will be provided if the meeting is being held virtually).

Individuals interested in joining the Kaleidoscope Board of Directors are encouraged to show their interest at any time throughout the year by contacting Kaleidoscope and attending a meeting.