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Starting a Garden

Author: Kaleidoscope Education April 11, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
Need a little inspiration to get started on this year’s garden? Look no further! Child-Led Gardening Learn about this laid-back approach to getting kids exploring, learning, and growing in the garden. Pizza Garden Kids love pizza and an easy way […]

April: Spring and Gardening

Author: Kaleidoscope Education April 4, 2021 In Blog Comments (1)
Let’s welcome April, warmer weather, and longer days with a new monthly blog theme– Spring and Gardening. This week let’s have some fun with spring crafts and a 100% edible vegetable garden recipe! Arty Crafty Kids Spring Crafts These spring […]

Free eBooks

Author: Kaleidoscope Education March 28, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
As we wrap up our storytelling theme this month, peruse these sites for free books online. Who doesn’t love free books? Short Stories for Children For your youngest readers/listeners, enjoy these great stories, fairy-tales, fables, and nursery rhymes for children. […]

Meet Christy!

Author: Kaleidoscope Education March 23, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
Instructor Name: Christy Wilson Community you live in: I live in L’Anse, out in Zeba area What do you teach at Kaleidoscope? I teach Art I & II and Tinkerlab List any Family/Pets: My husband David and 3 kids Seth, […]

Storytelling Tools

Author: Kaleidoscope Education March 21, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
Keep those stories coming with this week’s storytelling tools. Journey Sticks Have your child make a journey stick on their next adventure. Making a journey stick requires paying attention to surroundings and helps the maker remember their adventure. This adds […]

When Books Come to Life

Author: Kaleidoscope Education March 14, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
This week, we continue our storytelling theme with book activities and resources. Keweenaw Land Trust: A Day So Gray Story Trail Follow A Day so Gray, by Marie Lamba, along the south side of Lovell Creek at Steve’s Farm Nature […]

Storytelling Prompts

Author: Kaleidoscope Education March 7, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
Need some help getting the creative juices flowing? Try these tools to help your kiddos kickstart their next story. Printable Storytelling Sets Use these “Elinor Wonders Why” printable sets for storytelling and retelling. Paper Cities Your child can build these […]


Author: Kaleidoscope Education February 28, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
Oh the weather outside is still frightful, so why not get cozy and indulge in some delightful storytelling activities this month? Fairy Tales at Storyberries Listen along with your little ones to these classic fairy tales. Here’s a link to […]

CopperDog 150

Author: Kaleidoscope Education February 21, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
This week, our dog sled theme continues with the Keweenaw’s own race, the CopperDog 150! Copper Dog Learning Page What happens when you bring a team of sled dogs into an elementary school? Visit this link and find out! Laura […]

Meet the Instructor: Erin G!

Author: Kaleidoscope Education February 17, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
While Erin is currently Kaleidoscope’s Interim Director, she is also the instructor for almost all of our online classes. Which ones do you think might be her favorite types of classes? Read on and take a guess! Community you live […]