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Meet the Instructor – Amanda Knapp

Author: Nathan Walasek December 2, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
If you’ve taken a class with Amanda, maybe you’ll know some of her responses to this Q&A. But do you know her hidden talent? Read this fun Q&A with Amanda Knapp, L’Anse instructor! What community you live in? L’Anse What […]

3-2-1, BLAST OFF!

Author: Nathan Walasek November 29, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
Our final week journeying through space has launched! This week our focus is the GALAXY! Check out these 3 educational resources: Galaxy Jar Fun to make and mesmerizing to play with. Get the directions at the link! Pinwheel Galaxy The […]

How Do You Organize a Party in Space?

Author: Nathan Walasek November 22, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
You planet! hahaha! Join us as we move onward with our November Space theme! This week we explore the planets. All About the Planets Some are small and rocky; others are big and gassy. Learn more about our solar system’s […]

The Hottest Thing in our Solar System

Author: Nathan Walasek November 15, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
This week’s three activities are all about the center of the Space theme this month – the SUN! Great for a variety of ages, we look to NASA’s SpacePlace for inspiration and education about the sun. Photo by Melissa Askew […]

Astronaut Activities to Expand the Imagination!

Author: Nathan Walasek November 8, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
Continue on into our journey of Space, our November theme. Did you know that the term “astronaut” derives from the Greek words meaning “space sailor”? Come sail with us this week as we share resources for kids of all ages […]

Meet the Instructor – Erin L!

Author: Nathan Walasek November 3, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
If you’ve been to Kaleidoscope: L’Anse, you’ve likely met Erin L. Maybe you’ve spoke with Erin over the phone or online for count month. But what do you know about Erin? Families and kids – here’s your chance to learn […]

Our November Theme is Out of This World!

Author: Nathan Walasek November 1, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
It’s November…our daylight is short and the nighttime is long. So, let’s make the best of it! Since night comes early, now is a great time to learn about and observe the night sky. Our November theme is SPACE and […]

Healthy Halloween Treats!

Author: Nathan Walasek October 25, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
Halloween treats and our theme of nutrition this month couldn’t possibly go together, could they? Oh yes they can! With a little creativity, you can find fun ways to include some healthy options in the mix. Visit the three links […]

Nutrition Games for All Ages!

Author: Nathan Walasek October 18, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
It’s time to… that nutrition game! This week find games and supporting resources to make learning about nutrition fun. PBS Salad Game Younger kids will enjoy playing Super Salad Diner with Bert and Ernie or other fun games like Monster […]

Eat the Rainbow + 2 More Nutrition Resources

Author: Nathan Walasek October 12, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
This week on the theme of nutrition we have resources for all ages: eating rainbows (yes, you really can!), healthy snack ideas the kids can do themselves, and a resource that will spark the culinary imagination of young adults who […]