Explore Athletics

Learn, play, and explore a variety of physical education activities in this class that touches on the basics of martial arts, dance, playground games, and more.

Guest instructors will vary throughout the year as we tap into local experts in a variety of athletic pursuits.

Meeting locations for Hiking and Orienteering are as follows:

10/12 Maahsto Hiito Trails (Churning Rapids Ski Area)

10/19 Hancock Dog Part

10/26 Great Oaks Trailhead

11/2 TBD

Tuition Cost per Class

(for those not enrolled with CLK Schools)

Full Year (28 weeks) = $310
1 Semester (14 weeks) = $170


Semester 1 Dates: 9/11/23 to 12/22/23

Semester 2 Dates: 1/22/2024 to 5/10/24