Explore the Arts

This class will create art projects using a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, paper structures, and hand molding clay. Our focus will be to inspire creativity by exploring different skills and giving students insights into how different materials can be used to create art. We also plan to visit art-related community spaces to provide a variety of visual and performing arts experiences.

Catherine is the owner of Magic Kiln Studio in Hancock. Before opening the Magic
Kiln, Catherine was an elementary school teacher in Texas. She has worked in the community for over 8 years providing a place where families can be creative. She has also coordinated with Great Explorations after school, summer programs to bring art projects to the schools, and has offered workshops and art classes through her studio. She is a proud mom of two teenagers and one dog and is passionate about allowing kids opportunities to express themselves through art.

Tuition Cost per Class

(for those not enrolled with CLK Schools)

Full Year (28 weeks) = $310
1 Semester (14 weeks) = $170


Semester 1 Dates: 9/11/23 to 12/22/23

Semester 2 Dates: 1/22/2024 to 5/10/24