What does Kaleidoscope offer for homeschoolers?


During the school year Kaleidoscope offers weekday and virtual programming specifically geared towards homeschoolers ages 5 and up. 


In-person classes are available at our L’Anse and Hancock locations.


Virtual electives can also be completed from home.


Kaleidoscope offers special events throughout the school year and summer. Many of these events are free or discounted for students enrolled in our classes and/or virtual electives.


What does it cost to participate in Kaleidoscope’s homeschool classes and electives?


Students who enroll in Kaleidoscope’s partnership with the CLK School District are able to enroll in virtual electives and classes for free.


Any student, regardless of school district enrollment, can sign up for classes and virtual electives through our Pay per Class program.


How do I enroll?


Pay per Class students can enroll at any time using our registration form.


Enrollment through our partnership with the CLK School District has closed for the 2022-23 school year. Sign up for the 2023-24 waiting list here.