Mont Ripley Group Discount

Mont Ripley Discount Package FAQ


What is Mont Ripley?


Mont Ripley is a ski hill in Ripley, MI (near Houghton) that is affiliated with Michigan Tech and offers ski and snowboard lessons, passes, and rentals during the winter season. Visit the Mont Ripley website for more information.


What is the Mont Ripley Discount Package?


Mont Ripley is kind enough to offer CLK Virtual Programs partners, such as Kaleidoscope and CAPE, a group discount rate each year. The specific discount and what is included might change from year to year. This year the package offers a 25% discount on season passes and season rentals, but does not include lessons.


Season Pass Only ($168.75)

Premium Rental of Boots, Skis, Poles, Helmet ($225)

10 Rentals of Boots, Skis, Poles, Helmet ($168.75)

Boot Rental ($112.50)

Skis/Snowboard Rental ($112.50)

Any family doing the after school program (which is $200) can take $5 off for having a season pass and another $5 off for having a season rental -OR- their own equipment. meaning that (if having both) the cost of the after school program would be $190. Please click here for more information.


Who can use the Mont Ripley Discount Package?


All current Kaleidoscope and CAPE students, staff, and Board members, as well as their families, are eligible for this discount.


Do I need to have Optional Learning Experience funding available to participate in the Mont Ripley Discount Package?


No, you do not need Optional Learning Experience funding. If you would like to use the discount and you do not have Optional Learning Experience funding available you can choose to pay out of pocket.


Will Kaleidoscope or CAPE pay for my Mont Ripley Discount Package?


If your student has Optional Learning Experience funding available through a Kaleidoscope or CAPE elective that can reasonably include snow sports (such as Skiing, Sports Sampler, Move Your Body, or Grow Your Skills), you can choose to put their funding towards the discount package and Kaleidoscope or CAPE will pay it directly to Mont Ripley.


What do I need to do to use my Optional Learning Experience funding for the Mont Ripley Discount Package?


After you fill out the form, you will receive an email from Kaleidoscope or CAPE letting you know which of your students have Optional Learning Experience funding available to use towards the discount, and how much they have available. We will work with you to plan how the funding will be used.


Can I sign all of my students up for the Mont Ripley Discount Package if some of them have Optional Learning Experience funding available and some do not?


Yes, you can choose to pay out of pocket for those students who do not have Optional Learning Experience Funding available.


Can I put some or all of my Semester 2 Optional Learning Experience funding towards this discount?


Yes, since this discount has to be paid for all at once, Kaleidoscope or CAPE will make Semester 2 funding available for this purpose. Since students only receive funding from CLK after completing February Count Month, students who use their Semester 2 funding now and do not complete February Count Month will have to pay back Kaleidoscope or CAPE for the funding.


Why are there no lessons offered in the Mont Ripley Discount Package this year?


Lessons are not being offered as part of the discount package for two reasons. CLK’s legal understanding of background checks in relation to Optional Learning Experiences makes it difficult to reasonably partner with Mont Ripley to offer lessons. Additionally, Mont Ripley is still making a determination about what types of lessons will be offered this year, so a discount might not be applicable.


Can my family still take lessons at Mont Ripley?


Your family can still sign up for lessons at Mont Ripley. These lessons will just not be included in the discount package. If you have Optional Learning Experience funding available, you may choose to submit your lesson receipts to Kaleidoscope or CAPE for reimbursement, or request a direct purchase.


Does completing Kaleidoscope and CAPE’s form mean that I have signed up with Mont Ripley?


No. Completing Kaleidoscope and CAPE’s form is the first step in the process. After all information has been collected by Kaleidoscope and CAPE and submitted to Mont Ripley, Mont Ripley will contact you about their registration process. This should happen in early December.


How will Mont Ripley be handling the sign-up process this year?


Mont Ripley is using an online sign-up form again this year. Any families who sign up for the discount package through Kaleidoscope or CAPE will be eligible for technical support from Kaleidoscope or CAPE’s administration to work through this process.


Can I choose to sign up for the Mont Ripley Discount Package later in the year?


No, this discount is only available to those families who sign up now. Anything that your family chooses to sign up for later in the season will not have the discount applied.


My boots/skis/board broke and I didn’t sign up to rent these as part of the discount package. Can I change the rentals in my package?


No, the details of your discount package cannot be changed once you have signed up. Please take the time to check your family’s gear before signing up so you know which rental option will be right for you.


I’m still confused about the Mont Ripley Discount Package. What should I do?

Click Here to Contact Kaleidoscope.

Click Here to Contact CAPE.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and try to answer your questions either via email or by setting up a phone call.


I’m ready to sign up. What should I do?


Fill out the form below to begin the process. Please be prepared with pass/rental choices for all participating family members. The deadline for signing up for the discount is Friday, November 10th, 2023.


Mont Ripley Discount Form