Resources for Health C

Lesson 3 (Semester 1): Celebrate the Harvest

How Does it Grow: Apples

Harvest Festivals Around the World

Farm Tour Keweenaw

Lesson 4 (Semester 1): Preserving the Bounty

Canning and Preserving a Year’s Supply of Food

Lesson 5 (Semester 1): Healthy Fall Treats

Halloween Treats

Easy Sliced Baked Apples

Lesson 7 (Semester 1): Sugar

Sugar is not a Treat

Lesson 9 (Semester 1): Breakfast

What Breakfast Looks Like Around the World

Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Lesson 10 (Semester 1):Advertising Junk Food to Kids

Lesson 11 (Semester 1): Exercise

Encanto Dance Workout

Teenagers Workout – HIIT

15 Minute Cardio HIIT

Lesson 12 (Semester 1): Yoga

Best Beginner Yoga for Children

KKY Partner Poses for Kids

Yoga for Beginners