Resources for Horsemanship C

Lesson 1 (Semester 1)

How to Choose a Great Riding Instructor

Lesson 3 (Semester 1)

Horse Hoof Trim Time Lapse Video

What does a farrier do?

Lesson 4 (Semester 1)

All About Equine Veterinary Care — That’s the Spirit

Inside Look: What does an Equine Vet Do?

Lesson 5 (Semester 1)

Highlights of Floating Horse Teeth with Equine Vet

How to Float Horse Teeth the Old School Way

Lesson 6 (Semester 1)

Easy Horse Massages

Lesson 7 (Semester 1)

Arabian Horse

Lesson 8 (Semester 1)

Cool Facts about Wild Horses

Lesson 9 (Semester 1)

8 Facts about the American Quarter Horse

Quarter Horse Race

Quarter Horse Charactaristics

Lesson 10 (Semester 1)

5 Things about American Paint Horses

Lesson 11 (Semester 1)

About the Appaloosa Horse

How Appaloosa Horses Keep Nez Perce Traditions Alive

Lesson 12 (Semester 1)

About the Thoroughbred

One of the Fastest Breeds in the World (the Quest)

Lesson 13 (Semester 1)

What is a Belgian draft horse?

Want a draft horse? Here’s what you should know.