Resources for Horsemanship C

Lesson 2: Safety Rules

Lesson 3 video 1: How to Measure a Horse

Lesson 3 video 2: Horse Terms Explained

Lesson 4: OPTION 1 Horse Grooming Tools and Techniques (please watch until you get to the hoof picking part around 16 min)

Lesson 4: OPTION 2 Giving Pistachio her First Bath

Lesson 5: Hoof picking (video will pick up with the hoof picking part)

Lesson 5: Thrush (video 2)

Lesson 6: Haltering your Yourse

Lesson 7: How to Safely Tie Your Horse

Lesson 7: How to Tie a Quick Release Knot (bonus video focusing on the quick release knot)

Lesson 8: All About Hay

Lesson 9: Horses need Salt, Video 1

Lesson 9: What do Electrolytes Actually Do?, Video 2

Lesson 10: What’s it REALLY like keeping horses at home?

Lesson 11: How to Blanket a Horse

Lesson 12: Horse Vaccines

Lesson 13: Horse Deworming