Resources for Life Skills C

Lesson 2: How to Sew by Hand

Lesson 2: Bernadette Banner’s How to Sew a Strong Seam by Hand (bonus video for advanced sewists)

Lesson 4: Using a Steam Iron

Lesson 5 Video 1: Sewing on a Button

Lesson 5 Video 2: Hand Tying a Knot

Lesson 5 Video 3: Is Fast Fashion Destroying Our Environment?

Lesson 6 Video 1: How to Sew a Torn Seam (unlined item)

Lesson 6 Video 1: How to Fix a Torn Seam with Invisible/Ladder Stitch

Lesson 8 Video 1: Fancy Igloo

Lesson 8 Video 2: Giant Backyard Snow Fort

Lesson 10 Video 1: Heat Stroke and Dehydration

Lesson 10 Video 2: What Happens When You Get Heat Stroke?

Lesson 12: Police: 4-Year-Old’s 911 Call Saves Mom’s Life

Lesson 13: Hero Kids

Lesson 14: Hands Only CPR