Resources for World Cultures C

Lesson 3 (Semester 1) Harvest Celebrations

Harvest Festivals Around the World

Lesson 4 (Semester 1) Ukraine

Ukranian Mountain Weavers

PA Students Organize Fundraiser

Amazing Facts about Ukraine

What Makes Ukranian Culture Interesting?

Cultural Differences between the USA and the Ukraine

Lesson 5 (Semester 1) Poland

Polish Traditions

Lesson 6 (Semester 1) France

Behind the Scenes at a French Bakery

French Family Dinner!

Lesson 7 (Semester 1): Germany

German Food

The German Colonial Empire

Lesson 8 (Semester 1) South Korea

Asia: Destination World

Travel with Kids Seoul

New Jeans – Attention

Every Beginner KPOP Dance Skills


Korean Fan Maker

Master Potters

Lesson 9 (Semester 1): China

Beijing China Travel Tips

A Chinese School Day

Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva

Day in a Chinese High School

Lesson 10 (Semester 1): Sri Lanka

Traditional Fusion Dance

Lesson 11 (Semester 1): Thailand

How to make Classic Pad Thai

Thailand for Kids

Traditions and Culture of Thailand

The Architectural Wonders of Thailand

Lesson 12 (Semester 1): Middle East

Introducing the Middle East


Lesson 13 (Semester 1): Winter Holidays

What is Kwanzaa and How is it Celebrated?

Festivals around the World: St Lucia’s Day


Lesson 1 (Semester 2)
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Lesson 2 (Semester 2)

Lesson 3 (Semester 2)

Lesson 5 (Semester 2)

Lesson 8 (Semester 2)

Lesson 9 (Semester 2)

Lesson 10 (Semester 2)
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Lesson 11 (Semester 2)

Lesson 13 (Semester 2)
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