Kaleidoscope Self-Pay is a way for students to participate in Kaleidoscope classes even if they are not enrolled through CLK’s Virtual Programs, or a way for current Kaleidoscope students to take extra electives.


There are three types of electives for Self-Pay:


14 or 28 weeks of interactive online content.



14 or 28 weeks of in-person, once a week, class with an instructor at our Kaleidoscope: L’Anse location.


Virtual and Seated

14 or 28 weeks of in-person, once a week, class with an instructor at our Kaleidoscope: L’Anse location, and correlating interactive online content for each of those weeks.

What can I expect in a Kaleidoscope virtual class?


Our virtual classes are meant to provide a framework for activities that you might expand on at home. They include resource ideas and regular instructor/student communication through the virtual platform Seesaw. They DO NOT include in-person or virtual face-to-face instruction. Students log into Seesaw each week and complete an activity, usually using a virtual resource. Instructors communicate with students about their completed activities. Once you register for your virtual class you’ll have access to the following:



This includes a class description, objectives, a general learning plan, and an assessment plan.


Virtual Content Outline

This includes an overview of what each week will look like, including a primary virtual resource that will be used each week.


Class Overview

This includes information on how you might want to use the virtual content at home, and how to utilize our virtual platform, Seesaw.


Seesaw Account

Kaleidoscope will provide each student with a Seesaw account, which will give them access to the virtual content for their class.


Technical Support

Kaleidoscope staff is available via phone or email to help you through any technical issues that come up.


Resource Support

Kaleidoscope staff is available via phone or email to help you build resources to use at home and expand on the virtual content to create more in-depth at-home studies.


Kaleidoscope Newsletter and Events

Kaleidoscope members receive a monthly newsletter as well as priority access to any community events offered through Kaleidoscope.


What can I expect at a Kaleidoscope: L’Anse class?


Kaleidoscope: L’Anse classes meet once a week and include hands-on activities led by an instructor in a small group setting. Classes may take place online (via additional online content, live-streaming with the instructor, or other similar scenarios) in case of school closures due to COVID-19, snow days, or other emergencies.


How much do classes cost if I choose Self-Pay?

Seated class:

Full Year (28 weeks) = $310.00

1 Semester (14 weeks) = $170.50

Virtual curriculum

Full Year (28 weeks) = $‎150.00

1 Semester (14 weeks) = $‎82.50


Seated class + virtual curriculum

Full Year (28 weeks) = $‎410.00

1 Semester (14 weeks) = $‎225.50

How do I register?


Complete this short form!


What is Kaleidoscope Self-Pay?

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