Summer Drama Camp

A few spots are still open for ages 5-7. Drama camp is FULL for ages 8+.


Sign up for a weeklong program where the students go from zero to production. Professional theatrical educators from Missoula Children’s Theatre (MCT), the nation’s largest touring children’s theatre, will arrive in Hancock with lights, set, costumes, and props: everything needed to put on a play – except the cast!

Students will be cast by the MCT Tour Actor/Directors on Monday, during our first day of the camp. Through practices and workshops throughout the week, students will be ready to share the play with the community on Friday and Saturday.

MCT Tour Actor/Directors will also lead enrichment workshops throughout the week to enhance creativity, social skills, self-esteem and communication skills in this fun, educational performing arts program.


Monday, June 19, 2023 – Saturday, June 24, 2023


    • Monday – Thursday 9:30-3:00
    • Friday 9:30-8:00 
    • Saturday 9:00-12:00 


Any student K-12, no experience necessary! 



Hirvonen Hall
417 Quincy in Hancock; the old Hancock High School building
The performance will take place in the auditorium.


$175 per student
Each enrolled sibling will receive a $20 discount.
Kaleidoscope students with summer vouchers may use them towards the cost of the camp.


Friday, June 23rd at 6:00 pm
Saturday, June 24th at 10:00 am

Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for children aged 12 and under. Tickets will be available for purchase with cash or card at pick-up and drop-off throughout the week, as well as starting 45 minutes before the start of each performance. One free adult ticket is included with every registration!

Show Synopsis:

Would it surprise you to know that the story of Rapunzel happened in France? Well, it didn’t really, but our story takes you on a frivolous frolic through the French countryside.  The Ogres garden in the Mushroom patch while the Corn and Potato spies report back to Madame Gothel. Frenchy and his intense friends, the Wood Elves, do their best to help Rapunzel escape the grasp of Madame Gothel. The lost Prince, Rapunzel’s parents, and her friends the Unicorns try to help. Just when you think it’s safe to cross the bridge, a Troll and Three Billy Goats Gruff get in the way. It doesn’t help that the Three Bears (or is it four) confuse Rapunzel with Goldilocks and chase her through the forest. Add to that the Gremlins trying to play tricks on everyone, and you have chaos! Well, it’s not that bad because the Pixies foil the Gremlins’ plans most of the time. In short, Rapunzel and all the rest of the characters tell a silly tale of personal triumph and friendship.

Covid-19 Guidelines:

MCT will defer to the local health department regarding social distancing, group size, and mask requirements.


How will my child benefit from this experience?

The primary goal of MCT – indeed, the organization’s mission – is the development of life skills in children through participation in the performing arts. This educational performing arts program was designed to enhance creativity, social skills, self-esteem and communication skills.


Should the students prepare anything for the audition?

The audition will take place Monday during camp. No preparation is needed. The team of actor/directors will guide the children through the audition process with easy to follow instructions on basic movement, lines and song. Students should come ready to have a good time!

What if my child would like to be part of the play but doesn’t want to act?

During the audition on Monday during camp, as many as four Assistant Directors (ADs), ages ten and older, may be selected to help teach and direct the show early in the week as well as take on technical responsibilities at performance time. Their logistical help and creative ideas are a vital part of our process and the experience of the ADs can be just as valuable as that of any cast member. 

My child can’t make the audition day; can they still be in the show?

If a child is not able to audition on Monday during camp hours, unfortunately, they will not be able to participate in the show. This is the time when the team is able to assess the abilities of the children auditioning, which in turn helps them to cast the child in the role that is just right for them.

What happens if my child gets sick during the week of the show?

MCT understands that illness may occur during the week and the Tour Team will try their best to accommodate a missed rehearsal due to an illness. However, due to the short time frame the cast has to prepare for the performance, if your child is out for more than one day it may be not be possible for them to still participate in the role that they were cast.

May I stay and observe?

Of course! However, be aware that students may want to surprise parents at the end of the week with what they’ve accomplished.


Who will be visiting our community?

A team of two adult, professional Actor/Directors will be visiting your community for the week. These individuals are typically college graduates with training in either education, theatre, musical theatre or a combination. During their week-long residencies throughout the continent and beyond, MCT Tour Actor/Directors serve as ambassadors for the arts; especially the theatre. They have the joy of directing and performing as well as the adventure of travel. Simply put, they have the opportunity and the privilege to change the lives of thousands of young people by carrying out MCT’s Mission.


What do I need to provide?

  • Pack a snack and a lunch for your child to bring with them daily. Please do not drop food off during the day. Food break timings will vary slightly day-to-day and we do not want to have a student miss out because a delivery hasn’t been made, or rehearsal to be disrupted with food deliveries.
  • A water bottle. It is very important that the students are able to stay well hydrated during rehearsal. Water fountains are available on-site for refilling water bottles.
  • Lightweight, comfortable clothes. They will be up and dancing and moving a lot and it is important that students dress accordingly. For students’ safety, please only wear shoes with closed toes and heel. No flip-flops or sandals, please.

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