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Meet Christy!

Author: Kaleidoscope Education March 23, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
Instructor Name: Christy Wilson Community you live in: I live in L’Anse, out in Zeba area What do you teach at Kaleidoscope? I teach Art I & II and Tinkerlab List any Family/Pets: My husband David and 3 kids Seth, […]

Meet the Instructor: Erin Gregorcich!

Author: Kaleidoscope Education February 17, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
While Erin is currently Kaleidoscope’s Interim Director, she is also the instructor for almost all of our online classes. Which ones do you think might be her favorite types of classes? Read on and take a guess! Community you live […]

Meet the Instructor – Master Dan!

Author: Kaleidoscope Education January 5, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
Some of our most popular classes at Kaleidoscope: L’Anse are Master Dan’s Martial Arts classes! Here’s your chance to get to know him outside of class. Do you know any of these fun facts about Master Dan? Dan, where do […]

Meet the Instructor – Amanda Knapp

Author: Nathan Walasek December 2, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
If you’ve taken a class with Amanda, maybe you’ll know some of her responses to this Q&A. But do you know her hidden talent? Read this fun Q&A with Amanda Knapp, L’Anse instructor! What community you live in? L’Anse What […]

Meet the Instructor – Erin L!

Author: Nathan Walasek November 3, 2020 In Blog Comments (0)
If you’ve been to Kaleidoscope: L’Anse, you’ve likely met Erin L. Maybe you’ve spoke with Erin over the phone or online for count month. But what do you know about Erin? Families and kids – here’s your chance to learn […]