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Tree Crafts

Author: Erin Lempkowski October 24, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
Let’s have fun creating these tree-themed crafts this week. Create a cardboard apple tree with removable apples kids can “pick” and put into their little paper cup basket. Make the tree and then play the game!   This paper tree […]

Tree Facts

Author: Erin Lempkowski October 17, 2021 In Blog Comments (1)
This week on the blog, we continue with October’s tree theme by sharing some “fun fact” resources about trees for different age groups! For the younger crowd, try these fun songs to help the little ones memorize facts about trees! […]

Leaf Identification Week

Author: Erin Lempkowski October 10, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
Clay tiles with colorful leaves embedded
This week we continue with October’s tree theme by learning about leaves. From leaf identification to leaf structure, we’ve got it covered. It’s a craft, it’s educational, it’s beautiful… try this project with your students and  create leaf identification tiles. […]

Trees and Fall Leaves, Oh My!

Author: Erin Lempkowski October 3, 2021 In Blog Comments (2)
Now that the new school year is underway, we are bringing back our monthly themed content on the blog! October’s content is focused on TREES of course. This week, we have some fabulous projects and a recipe related to fall […]

Summer Adventure #12: Canyon Falls

Author: Erin Lempkowski August 22, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
Only in the UP….  Only in the UP will you find such an impressive waterfall that is so easily visited as an offshoot of a roadside park! The “Grand Canyon of Michigan,” Canyon Falls will not disappoint. The main falls […]

Summer Adventure #11: Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park

Author: Erin Lempkowski August 15, 2021 In Blog Comments (1)
Lake of the Clouds at sunset
It seems to me that it is easy to daydream about vacations in far off places, while overlooking local opportunities for adventure. Did you know we have one of the largest designated wilderness areas in the entire Midwest right here […]

Summer Adventure #10: Nara Nature Park

Author: Erin Lempkowski August 8, 2021 In Blog Comments (1)
The sun shines through the trees in a dense forest.
Whether you are up for a short, easy hike or a long bike ride, there should be a trail for you at the Nara Nature Park. Not only does Nara have over 100 acres, it connects directly to Michigan Tech’s […]

Summer Adventure #9: Hungarian Falls

Author: Erin Lempkowski August 1, 2021 In Blog Comments (0)
A waterfall in the forest cascades to a pool.
If you seek a bit of rugged wildness, but without too much strenuous hiking, this might be the waterfall trip for you. Located in the Lake Linden area, Hungarian Falls consists of a series of four dramatic waterfalls of varying […]

Summer Adventure #8: Point Abbaye

Author: Erin Lempkowski July 25, 2021 In Blog Comments (1)
A view of a rocky shoreline overlooking Lake Superior
This week, we head off the beaten path to Point Abbaye. The Abbaye Peninsula borders the eastern side of Keweenaw Bay, jutting into Lake Superior like a miniature Keweenaw Peninsula. The Point Abbaye Nature Area is a remote destination, and […]

Summer Adventure #3: L’Anse Waterfront Park

Author: Erin Lempkowski June 20, 2021 In Blog Comments (2)
A sign welcomes visitors to the L'Anse Waterfront Park.
Nestled at the base of the Keweenaw is L’Anse, home to the L’Anse Waterfront Park. The park boasts a playground, a splash pad, boat access, a beautiful swimming beach, a free summer concert series on Thursday nights, and a farmer’s […]